Our Strength

Pioneer HR and Training Consultancy is a new and dynamic company which provides HR and Marketing services to SMEs in London, owned and run by a team of people who have diverse but converging academic and professional backgrounds. This makes us stand out in the current highly competitive market of  HR and marketing professionals. Our services integrate insights that have been developed by behavioral science research. Research in this area provides empirical evidence of how human mind and behavior reacts and responds to different kind of stimuli. This kind of understanding of the working of human mind and behavior is very useful for designing and implementing marketing strategy, people management and development policies. Whether you sell products or services, we can help you promote your services or products and manage and develop your human resources at a fraction of the cost of running your own HR department.


Management Team

Pioneer HR and Training Consultancy is a private limited company owned and run by:

Hafiz Irfan Akram (HR & Marketing Director)

MA Marketing and Innovation, MSc Psychology


+44(0) 7536745435

Mukhtar Ahmed (HR & Marketing Manager)

MA Marketing and Innovation, PGD in HRM, MSc Psychology


+44 (0) 7411004694