Recruitment Consultancy

Recruitment and selection is very important HR function, therefore, getting it right in the first place is very imperative for various reasons. Firstly, you could have serious consequences in terms of discrimination claims, or you end up employing staff that is neither competent nor committed. These scenarios could prove very expensive for a company in terms of money and time. Pioneer HR and Training Consultancy can help you avoid these mistakes by developing and implementing policies and procedures that comply with UK legislation such as Equal Opportunities and by designing appropriate selection methods to select the right person for the right job. Our recruitment consultancy services include:

  • Staffing needs analysis
  • Creation of documentation e.g. job & person specification, job advertisement
  • Initial applicant screening
  • Inviting for interviews
  • Competency based interviewing and assessment
  • Job offer documentation
  • Contracts of employment
  • Taking up references